Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (MÜSİAD) continues to increase the number of its branches, representatives and sign collaboration agreements with the goal of reaching every location in the world.  MUSIAD delegation overwhelmed Russia in accordance with the vision of "Trade diplomacy". The delegation made an important work to improve Turkey-Russia economic relations and to increase the volume of trade.

Under the chairmanship of the President of Overseas Organization İbrahim Uyar, with the Directors Laura Gök and Bahadır Çam, the MoU agreement was signed in Moscow with the International Association of Muslim Businessmen, one of the most important organizations of Russia. With this agreement, MÜSİAD has reached 208 contact points in 78 countries.


Ibrahim Uyar said that the political and economic relations between the two countries are very good and he said that there is a great commercial potential and that this potential should be worked on in order to reflect the figures rapidly. Uyar: “The MoU agreement with the International Association of Muslim Businessmen, one of the most important organizations of Russia, is a result of the vision of commercial diplomacy. This agreement will contribute to the commercial relations of the two countries greatly.”

Uyar: “We are conducting activities with the request of our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, to increase the commercial volume between the two countries. In line with the principle of mutual win-win, we are carrying out projects towards Russia. In a very short time we will open a MUSIAD representative office in Moscow. We will make significant contributions to the trade relations of the two countries through this office. Russia is a great geography. We aim to be active in other cities through this office.”


President of the International Association of Muslim businessmen, Marat Kabaev: "Turkey and Russia have a very important history. Trade potential between the countries is very high. The agreement between the two institutions is very important for the realization of this potential.” MUSIAD is, both with the number of members and their organizations, Turkey's largest NGO. We will carry out very important works in the future.