MUSIAD Opens a Representative Office in Jordan


Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (MÜSİAD) opened a representative in Jordan. MUSIAD reached 206 contact points in 76 countries.  MUSIAD, making a leap in the MENA region, opened a representative office in Jordan after Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai and Morocco. 

The opening of Jordan representative office of MUSIAD, which opens representative offices all around the world with an emphasis on trade diplomacy, is thought to be very beneficial in the future in terms of the development of the trade relation between the two countries.

It is also expected that MUSIAD representative office of Jordan will have an important role in this respect and also make important contributions to the trade relation between the respective countries.


21st MUSIAD International Business Forum (IBF) and Silk Road 3 Conference were held in Jordan’s capital Amman.MUSIAD attended the conference, which hosted nearly 1000 businesspeople from 30 countries, with approximately 100 businesspeople. Deputy Prime Minister of Jordan was visited by MUSIAD delegation. This distinguished platform, foundation of which is “Setting Up a Global Business Network Between Muslim Businesspeople”, is run by an executive board (BOG) that consists of presidents of businesspeople associations from 22 countries and provides a safe global business network. In the final report of the forum, it is stated that there are important business opportunities in Jordan and Muslim countries should invest in Jordan more.


Because Jordan is in a Free Trade Agreement with USA and a member of Greater Arab Free Trade Area (GAFTA), it sets up a perfect foundation for Turkish investors to export to Arab countries and the USA. It brings about an important advantage that investment to Jordan has already been made by utilizing from these agreements and successfully exporting to countries of the region.  The fact that the distinguished Ministry of Commerce of Turkey Ruhsar Pekcan was the chair of the Turkey-Jordan Business Council before she became a minister also increases the importance of the trade relations between two countries, and it is known that Madam Minister is very willing to bring the trade relations of the two countries to their true potential by putting the Free Trade Agreement back into effect. It is also known that she is placing extra emphasis on this topic.


MUSIAD Chairman of Foreign Organization and Development Commission İbrahim Uyar stated that the trade volume between two countries was nearly $1 billion after the Free Trade Agreement signed in 2011, but this volume fell to the level of $360 million after this agreement was suspended by the government of Jordan. Uyar, who stated that currently the investment made by Turkish companies in Jordan is $2 billion, emphasized that reinstating the Free Trade Agreement between the two countries will be highly beneficial for both parties.  Uyar also said:

“We believe that the representative office we opened in Jordan will take important steps in this respect and will render

important services to the businesspeople of both countries. Uyar, stating that reinstating the Free Trade Agreement will not bring benefits only for Turkey, said that after analyzing the data of the past years it can be seen that this agreement brings about very beneficial outcomes with it. Uyar, after stating that MUSIAD places a special emphasis on Jordan, remarked that they kept the relations warm before opening the Jordan representative office thanks to the relations they have had with the trade chambers and businesspeople associations in the country and by mutual committee visits.


Uyar said: “We will make all the necessary effort through our organizations to enhance and improve our trade relations as guided by our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.”


Hothaifa Abu Sukkar, who took the office of MUSIAD Jordan Representative, said that they will do their best to improve the trade relations between the two countries. Sukkar, stating that he will visit the governmental agencies, all trade chambers and businesspeople associations as the first order of business, said that their main agenda will be putting the Free Trade Agreement back into effect. Sukkar, who said that he will point out to all his interlocutors how much importance the Free Trade Agreement has for both countries, remarked that he will be asking for support. Sukkar, also stating that they have important projects in Jordan as MUSIAD, said that they are aiming to create an active, Jordan-based body in the MENA region by implementing trade diplomacy in the area.