Young MUSIAD is found in 2002 with a decision taken by the MUSIAD Board of Directors to raise future businessmen and MUSIAD managers, prepare them for life, to share values and experiences.

Under the structure of MUSIAD, Young MUSIAD, initiated by a group of young, idealist, decisive and excited individuals, is spread around our country rapidly and now with nearly 1000 members, continues to undertake its activities around Turkey.

Young MUSIAD, in short, set off to accomplish the unity of power and mind, alongside the cooperation; is a platform constituted by young people committed and respectful to society's cultural values, business ethics; with entrepreneurship spirit, requirement of the era; aiming to evolve without compromising principals; holding businessmen or senior executive capability with his/her professional background and contemporary qualifications.
•  To expose a qualified businessman community embracing personal development as a life style, open to learn and to the exchange of ideas for this, efficient, having internal depth and high moral values.
•  To constitute young entrepreneurship style, socially responsible, protecting cultural values, using interactive communication effectively.
•  To help incorporating entrepreneurship spirit with resource and technology for the exposition of new and advanced works.
•  To support total quality management standardization efforts of our enterprises.
•  To have efforts towards team management, institutionalization and forming long-established institutions.
•  To have efforts towards developing sectors, analyzing overseas markets.
•  To contribute the constitution of suitable conditions and environments for our members and the expanding their networks.
•  To contribute the formation of a healthy business life; a happier, stronger and reputable country and society.
•  To have efforts to sustain the model businessman nourished with cultural and moral values brought from past to present, embracing business ethics and economic operation model.
•  To support young businessmen embracing modern management understanding, educated, familiar with the world and competitive.