Abdurrahman Kaan, President of MUSIAD, made a written statement for the anniversary of the July 15 Coup Attempt. Stated that he would not tolerate any attempt to disrupt the unity of the Turkish Nation, country and government, and emphasized on that glorious standing on July 15 showed this to all world, Kaan expressed these in his statement:

“The July 15 Treacherous Coup Attempt, one of the most bloody assaults in the history of the Republic of Turkey, passed into the history of our country as a disgrace.

This bloody assault organized by FETO was defeated by the strong will of the glorious Turkish Nation, and bloody-minded FETO militants have not reached their traitorous goals.

Our citizens from every age and gender stood against coup plotters without hiding behind any excuse on the night of July 15, and defended their country at the cost of their life.

Victory of July 15 is the Guarantee of the Democracy

Turkey is the one of the countries which know best how badly the coups and all kinds of attempts to overthrow the elected government damaged the country, caused wounds that did not heal for a long period of time, and experienced this in the most painful way.

The democracy victory, which was won by the Turkish Nation thanks to its will and belief on the night of July 15, is not a guarantee for maintaining democracy only in our country but also across the world.  All countries should adopt the values of this victory, have an attitude against this conspiracy that cannot be defined with any belief and ideology, and curse it.
However, coup attempt and incidents happened after it showed us clearly that this conspiracy is not only limited with FETO but also involves many other factors.  We witnessed that the Western countries could not pass the democracy and humanity test, based on the statements expressed by media institutions and politicians.

“We Will Build Strong TURKEY Together”

Being the most common and effective CSO in the world, MUSIAD stood by the national will at all times, and under every circumstance, took a stand against each attempt which can damage this.

Took up its position clearly after the July 15 Coup Attempt as well, MUSIAD expressed without delay that the institution stood by the nation and government, and set out to tell honorable standing of the Turkish Nation to the world. We expressed in every country, as well as at several locations in our country, that democracy is not a luxury but a necessity, that it is required to take a stand against every action which threatens the national will.

It is obvious that the coup attempt is an action which aims to impose a number of obligations to Turkey by putting the country in a difficult situation in terms of communal subversion and economy. Protecting its country by anticipating the danger in this context, our nation walks towards the future in a stronger way with its unity and solidarity that fascinates the entire world.
We will save our future by removing the traces of July 15, which is a “2nd Independence War”, so to speak, but also committing to public’s memory. We saw at that dark night that the Turkish Nation stops at nothing and walks all over it when it comes to homeland. We will walk towards our goals and vision to be one of the strongest countries in the world, with this determination.

We did not and will not allow some terrorists and their followers to undermine our successes which were achieved by hardworking and  determination over the years.

I'd like to take this opportunity to say  on the 2nd anniversary of July 15 that may God rest the souls of our martyrs and, express my gratitude to our war veterans who will be gratefully memorialized as long as the Republic of Turkey stands.