Joint Declaration from the International Business Forum

International Business Forum (IBF), among the founders of which MÜSİAD takes place, as well as performing the duty of General Secretary, has issued a joint declaration concerning the ground invasion, launched by the state of Israel to Gaza. While the declaration condemned Israel’s attack on civilians, it also appealed to Islamic Countries and the rest of the World, who still remain in silence on these attacks.

 “Whoever kills an innocent person, is like killing the whole mankind.” 
We strongly condemn this dagger in the very heart of Middle East; this tyranny and barbarity, Israel has been carrying on for days towards Gaza with the recent ground invasion, where they have been massacring innocent people and children.
This state terrorism, encouraged by the sheer carelessness and hypocritical attitudes of the international actors, is a major attack on all religions, all books revealed and messages of all Prophets.

Despite these blessed days we are passing through, on this day, when our sacredness are trampled on with the recent attacks; with sense of responsibility as a “human being’’, we are stating that both the Islamic World, scattered around like beads and lost its ‘awareness of being an Ummah’ with manipulative, artificial debates and the world countries, referring to the universal rules of law at every turn shall break their current silence, take all necessary steps in the name of “humanity” and not refrain from all kinds of moral and material support for Gaza.

Humanitarian Values will prevail Cruelty.
Without any discrimination between languages, religions or ethnicities, with the awareness of being “cognates” as human beings and with our faith in “humanity” and “humanitarian values” that it will overthrow any terrorism, tyranny, violence, contempt and cruelty; as the Board of International Business Forum, we are urging all International actors and the international public opinion, still hushing up this state terrorism, to immediately respond, be aware and not keep silent anymore to put an end to this state terrorism.

Within this context, in order to put a stop to the State of Israel and the blood it has been shedding, we are summoning United Nations, that was established based on human rights, with the aims to preserve peace and serenity across the world, to resolve all kinds of possible conflicts between the countries, whether they are cultural, economic or social and to enhance friendly relations of countries, and the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation, to eliminate every single race discrimination, inequality and colonialism, to support the struggle of the people of Palestine and to aid them, as well as all humanity who are still in possession of their consciences, to put a stop to this bloodshed and bloody-minded Israel.