Utrecht Branch President Ali Köklü, Den Haag Branch Chairman Hamza Çelik, Rotterdam Branch Chairman Mustafa Duyar and Amsterdam Branch President Ümit Akbulut, made a joint press release, on behalf of the Netherlands MUSIAD branch, about the political relations within the normalization process between Turkey and the Netherlands.

The statement noted the following points:

On behalf of MUSIAD Dutch Branches, we would like to inform you that we welcome the positive steps taken by the relations between the two countries in the normalization process.

Reconciliation of the relations that have been worn out in recent years is very important, which took place upon the good will shown by the two states, also make the reconciliation stage and the conciliation of Ankara and The Hague Ambassadors to start their duties as soon as possible.

Bilateral relations between the Netherlands and Turkey, have a history of over 400 years. As a result of these relations, a serious bond of friendship was established. At the same time, strong military, economic, commercial, political and cultural relations were developed.

In addition to the NATO partnership, the Netherlands has in Turkey of about 25 billion, and Turkey has 9.2 billion dollar of investments in the Netherlands. The number of Dutch companies operating in Turkey has exceeded 2500, thus rose to third place after Germany and the UK. On the other hand, the number of Turkish entrepreneurs in the Netherlands has reached 23 thousand.

Turkey hosted last year 900,000 of Netherlands citizens as tourist, while the number of Turks resident in the Netherlands has exceeded 450 thousand. In this context, we believe that Turkey and the Netherlands have to execute their political and commercial relations in a more rational level, and even need to raise to more higher levels. As MUSIAD, we wish to ensure the continuity of these amicable steps and that all of our NGOs play a constructive and active role in this process.

MUSIAD Foreign Organization President Ibrahim Uyar, who has made evaluations on the issue, stated that MUSIAD is carrying out an effective activity for commercial diplomacy in the Netherlands. Uyar pointed out that very close relations with the Netherlands in the historical process has been established and that MUSIAD will continue their work to advance the trade relations which came to a standstill.

We announce this to the public respectfully.