MUSIAD and Ummah Scholars Association held a joint press conference against USA’s unlawful and unethical economic sanctions against Turkish economy.

Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MÜSİAD) and the Ummah Scholars Association held a joint press conference against unlawful and unethical economic sanctions against Turkish economy applied by the USA.

MUSIAD Vice President İsrafil Kuralay and President Navas Tekruri of the Union of Palestinian Scholars, on behalf of Ummah Scholars Association, made the following release: Turkey will not bow against sanctions and in a state of unity and integrity, they will also overcome these challenges.

 “Our economy will be even better in time”

In his statement, Kuralay said that the sanctions of the US have begun to be eliminated with correct and proper moves, and that the economic situation will be better at the time. Kuralay said: “ No ethical rules and international law did not meet this method of war, and we have encountered it before. We have reunited as the whole country once again against this attitude, which turns political conflicts into an ugly game with heavy consequences. Every part of the business world and society, especially the political will, was quickly organized by realising the game to be played and moved to counteract.

Our economy administration and especially Mr. President, identified and implemented measures to be taken in a very short time. We began to see the positive consequences of this, too; and it will be even better over time.

Completely Imagination

Kuralay underlined that USA’s imagination to push Turkey out of the world economy is completely imagination and added  " The day after the US President made his obvious statement, support messages came from many countries, including European countries like Germany, Italy and Russia, China & Iran. Today, Turkey has an important place in world trade, exports to almost every destination in the world, is a powerful actor making major investments.

Therefore, thoughts by the United States to leave Turkey in a difficult situation in an economic sense or pushing them outside the world economy is nothing but a dream. First of all, the first ones to object to this, as we see, are other countries.”

Turkey has a strong economy

Kuralay stressed that Turkey no longer has a fragile economic structure like in the past and that it has a strong economy. Kuralay said:

“We may be shaken, but with our banking system and our free market economy and all our stakeholders on a solid basis we will not be demolished. When we add our nation's upright stance and solid brotherhood bond to this strong structure, it is, not only our economy, but also the social structure which gets not the slightest wound.

With the recent developments, we have written history once again. We are a country that aims to progress with a friendship-based understanding by establishing good relations with the world. One of the best examples of this is that you are today here with us together.

We always remember our friends who are with us in our hard days; but the support of our brothers from the Islamic world is very valuable to us. We express this at every opportunity; regardless of the language, religion or race, we are having trouble when our brothers have trouble.

If there is an injustice at one end of the world, we stand up against it and shout as loud as we can. Just as we traveled to Jerusalem last summer and  stood with our Palestinian brothers against Israel's unfair practices, we will continue our attitude in all circumstances.

"Buy Turkish goods to support Turkey"

Speaking on behalf of the Ummah Scholars Association, the Palestine Scholars Association President Navas Tekruri said that The USA exhibited hostile behavior towards Turkey, and that the United States is targeting not only Turkey, but also all of the world's oppressed people.

Tekruri stated that Turkey is being targeted because they stand next to the oppressed, and every time when the USA targeted Muslims, they have always suffered frustration.

Tekruri: "All Muslims are next to Turkey. I want to thank everyone standing next to his brother Turkey. All Muslims who have economic power, should in proportion support Turkey. I invite Muslims to support Turkey. Turkey's should be supported in political, economic and the touristic sectors. Encourage people to make their holidays in Turkey. Buy Turkish goods to support Turkey. Change the dollars you own into TL. Boycott the United States produced goods. This war is not Turkey's fight. It is everyone's fight. We call on all Muslim countries to stand by Turkey. "he said.