There has been a record increase in the number of investors applying to MUSIAD EXPO this year

17th MUSIAD EXPO will bring the business world together in Istanbul.

Number of foreign investors applying to 17th MUSIAD EXPO, which is one of the most critical summits in terms the export goal of 500 billion  dollars set forth for 2023, reached its peak this year. The distribution of foreign investors with a 6-fold increase compared to the previous years also varies. Participants from around 100 different countries including the EU countries such as Germany, France, the Netherlands, as well as  Asian countries such as China, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, India, Pakistan, and the Gulf Region such as the United Arab Emirates and Nigeria, Kenya, Sudan, and Africa are expected to attend the fair. Stated that participation of around 600 foreign investors confirmed so far was about the increasing importance of Turkey, Abdurrahman Kaan, President of MUSIAD (Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association), said “Trade in the world is shifting to the east because future will be determined by the countries with high population and production efficiency.  Turkey has important values which will make the country survive the economical wars. What we have to do is move away from the consumption economy and move towards the production economy. We said the world is bigger than 5. we will show that in MUSIAD EXPO once again ”.

MUSIAD EXPO run towards the export goal of 500 billion dollars

Istanbul hosts one of the most important economic and trade summits of the region in November. 17th MUSIAD EXPO will be held between November 21-24 2018 in CNR Expo İstanbul. Held every two years, MUSIAD EXPO will host foreign businessmen and statesmen from Asia to Europe, the Middle East and Africa to the Turkic Republics. Goal of the 17th MUSIAD EXPO, which will be realized with the motto “İş Burada”, is to bring local and foreign businessmen, who want to put their ideas and goals into practice, together in a business platform and to increase the trade volume of Turkey. Being one of the most critical summits for the export goal of 500 billion dollars set for 2023, MUSIAD EXPO will create an important business platform in which potential export relations will be established.

Mission of MUSIAD EXPO plays a great role in solving financial bottleneck

Stated that MUSIAD EXPO undertook an important mission in economic growth of Turkey, Abdurrahman Kaan, President of MUSIAD, said that Turkey’s solution for the financial bottleneck ensured that the current deficit was balanced and both local and foreign investors were promoted to make investments in the country.   Kaan said “Being as a summit that reassures the business world and citizens about the future of national economy, MUSIAD EXPO will be driving power of our economy thanks to support of MUSIAD’s convinced members who work with the Manufacturing-Investment-Export approach. We will make the most important contribution to export goal of 500 billion dollars for 2023 with MUSIAD EXPO.”.

Adnan Bostan, Vice President of MUSIAD (Müstakil Sanayici ve İşadamları Derneği), informed about MUSIAD EXPO. Bostan stated that it was expected that at least 600 local and foreign companies would take part, over 8000 B2B meetings would be held and statesmen from 30 countries in the minister level would participate in MUSIAD EXPO, which hosted 72.000 visitors in 2016. Thousands of local and foreign businessmen and purchasing agents will have the opportunity to make face-to-face meetings and lay the foundations of the new business deals in our B2B business platform.

Four important events in a single summit

MUSIAD EXPO also will host the IBF International Business Forum, in which representatives from the global business world will talk about micro-economy agenda, the High-Tech Port, in which organizations developing high technology and defence industry come together, and UGİK (International Young Businessmen Congress), which brings together future businessmen and industrialists.

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