Planted by a few young and courageous businessmen in May 9, 1990, MUSIAD has become a big, rooted tree after 27 years. MUSIAD, whose roots deepen with Anatolia’s Ahi-order and branches get green with the thought of doing righteous and ethical business, today, is an international non-governmental organization. Being the president of a non-governmental organization, which has been going after what is just for 27 years and always work foreseeing the future, is quite an honorable duty. I present my gratitude to all our founders, who stand with us in this path, to all our respected Chairmen and to everyone who supports the idea behind MUSIAD with their body, mind and heart.

    We always say more production, more investments and more job opportunities however, I would like to remind you that interest subject is the bleeding wound of our country. Without changing the present system that works on interest, it is impossible to change or annihilate the interest. We should create a new system, which will minimize the effects of interest or abolish thoroughly. We need to turn our finance policy from “more out of interest” to “more out of investment” base.

    As a businessmen community, we constantly, at every chance, speak up about more investments on production, education and human force. Today, producing information is one of the most valuable subjects in the world. Countries, which produce information, go beyond the ones, which produce technology. At this point, we are to educate new generations with open mind, vision and courage to design and realize applicable and innovative inventions and ideas. Encouragement in developing and actualizing products with high value by adopting export oriented production model is a must. We need to take stimulating steps towards our youth. These steps are taken fast by our government so we are sure we will see the benefits soon enough.

    May God with us, we will carry this flag all around the world with our friends. Quoting and reminding our dear prophet’s words, “a work without a basmala in the beginning is to be unproductive”, we say “Bismillah” for all upcoming success with excitement and determination.

    I would like to say that I have always been proud to be a part of MUSIAD, of which I had been a member from the very beginning and completed my duties in positions like chair of market, organization and board of directors for the last 12 years.

    I sincerely hope that the works of our new board of directors and our goals in the new period will be beneficial majorly for our country, our business world and MUSIAD. Moreover, I salute you in the name of our board of directors with love and respect.

    Abdurrahman Kaan