Projects & Incentives

The Commission works on the activities in 6 main fields: 

1. Corporate Projects: It develops and implements MUSIAD’s corporate projects.

2. Consultancy Services: It informs members about national and international financial resources, grants, funding and incentives. It also offers them guidance service on accessing and using the resources effectively. 

3. Support for Innovative Entrepreneurial Ideas: The ideas are submitted to the related sector councils for evaluation. After the filtering process with market and feasibility analysis, the partnership for investment will be offered to the member businessmen if the idea is selected. The value-added and innovative projects, which are eligible for investment, will be announced to all members. 

4. Training Programs: Seminars are organized to guide members how to access national and international incentive programs, how to successfully participate and how to use it efficiently.

5. Joint Purchasing Agreements: MUSIAD offers joint purchasing agreements to all members, not be limited by the size, type, or location of a member in order to enable them purchase a particular product or service at better conditions and terms and benefit from several advantages and opportunities. MUSIAD also provide guidance and support service for the use of agreements.

6. Networking: MUSIAD builds networking of national and international organizations as partner organizations to cooperate for joint events and projects.