Field of Activity

Food, Agriculture & Livestock Sector Council works on the activities in line with the targets set by Sector Council Commission;

To assist their members to expand their businesses, to increase their trade volume, to furnish them with the information that will enable them to adapt to the changing economic and legal conditions, to encourage them for working overseas, setting up investment partnerships, importing & exporting, and technology interchange by relying on the principle of mentality to develop economic, commercial, social and cultural relations among countries, to encourage them to cooperate with each other and grow together, to pinpoint sector issues and find their solutions in cooperation with sectoral organizations and associations, universities and relevant public authorities. 

In this context, the Council publishes sector reports, develops sectoral projects, organizes panels, seminars, conferences, summits and debates on sectoral issues to create a perception of the problems and possible solutions to achieve sustainable development, cooperates with the public authorities and contribute to the development of new sector strategies and economy-wide horizontal support policies by providing strategic analyses and recommendations, co-organize sectoral activities with other NGOs, organizes domestic and international trade delegation programs, business matchmaking between foreign delegations and its members, preparing  sectoral catalogs and promotional activities.

Sub-Sectors: Food & Agriculture, Liquid & Solid Fats, Food Ingredients, Shopping Centers, Aromatic Herbal Oils, Spices, Gardening Products, Honey Royal Jelly, Pollen, Propolis and Preparations, Biscuits-Crackers-Cookies, Livestock, Tea, Meat & Meat Products, Nut & Peanut Butter, Food, Food Chemicals, Food Service, Cereal (Grain) and Snacks, Beverages, Coffee and Coffee Substitutes, Canned & Frozen Fruits, Canned & Frozen Vegetables, Dried Grains, Nuts/Dried Fruits, Pasta, Ravioli, Noodles, Yeast, Vanilla, Milk & Milk Products, Sweets, Confectionery, Agricultural Products & Seeds, Deserts, Pickles, Bakery Products, Animal Feed, Food Flavors, Eggs & Egg Powder and Olives etc.