Field of Activity

Retail Sector Council has been set up to determine current members who operate in retail sector and finding new members in retail. The Council aims to increase productivity by communicating with Brands, Shopping Centers, Suppliers and Business Solutions Providers.
The Council cooperates with other NGOs, sectoral institutions, public authorities, universities and vocations schools to identify the most salient needs of this large and diverse sector, to recommend possible short- and medium-term priority actions to help increase the sector’s competitiveness trough possible tools and to contribute to the development of the industrial strategy and policies. The Council, which has informational and promotional meetings with retailers and retail market participants, assist its members to export their brand and to match them with foreign brand, which is willing to enter in Turkish market. Furthermore, it tries to build information system for products and brands that are about to enter in domestic market and new shopping malls as well as other commercial retail locations. For the sake of increasing the trade volume of its members, the Council examines structural change in the retail sector and its relationship with other sectors to inform about new trends and possible areas for cooperation.